“The Con Girls”

From the provincial to the millionaire of Switzerland. This is not a fictional story. The book is written on real events, from the stories of girls whose fate will amaze you to the core.

Two beauties decided to conquer foreign spaces, to go to meet their dream, namely for moneybags. On the thorny road, they will face many obstacles, because wealth does not come to people just like that. Everything has a price. Someone pays pride and principles, and someone even lives. With this book I want to convey to the young generation the truth that should become a reality for them and the main aspiration in life – this is family and children. So that young girls do not go abroad, do not chase after the millions that do not belong to them. Indeed, in our society there is no humanity for women with low social responsibility. It practically does not give anyone a chance to fix it. Once stumbled, you can never return to your previous, normal life.

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“Elephant Freddy”

The history of fate – from the first lips of the Romanian “courtesan”, told in a remand prison in Switzerland.

It is not only difficult to believe in such a rich, full of debauchery, but it is even impossible to imagine what this can happen to anyone in life!

I’ll tell you honestly, if I personally didn’t write down all this from her words, I would not believe anyone else. Someone would not tell! It still amazes her how she masterfully presented her life drama to me, serving in small portions, with a smile on her face. You can even say in a comic form. This girl has more than enough feelings of humor and self-irony! Anyone would envy! From her personal file, which was with her after interrogation by the prosecutor, I also wrote down a lot of sensational facts.

I note by the way: She is ready to give an interview to reporters and confirm the authenticity of what I wrote.

How to describe this book? Honestly, I find it difficult to answer this question! You just need to read it. I can only express a set of words and phrases: Difficult childhood or “difficult self”. Thirst for personal freedom or lack of proper education. Rampant. “Naked in Europe and Asia.” Frivolous, but at the same time confident attitude to life. Exchange of principles for money or lack of brains. Kind heart and girlish naivety. Fees of 30 000 Euro per month or a simple pulling dough from men. A destructive love of Alfonso or pink glasses on the bridge of the nose. Payment for the deed. Rebirth.

In short: “From immorality to morality.”

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